Work Songs

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Work Songs toured from 2011-2013. Full documentation, filmed, directed, edited and produced by Alexandros Papathanasiou, can be found on YouTube here: Work Songs on YouTube.

Work Songs dynamically fuses dance and physical theatre with the stunts and brutality of pro-wrestling. In a thoroughly average corporate office, Tom and Brody are risk analysts with a Sisyphean task; an inbox that never gets smaller. They work, lunch and wrestle for the company’s love. Then one day the good chair is taken away.

The Dangerologists explore labour, masculinity, training, attention, effort and exhaustion through dance, movement, and the practice of professional wrestling. Work Songs looks at the role of work in the new, post-Fordist economy and imagines new possibilities of friendship and cooperation between workers.


The Dangerologists are a physical and dance theatre duo based in London and Lancashire. We create physical performance that explores work, labour, violence and exhaustion.
Previously, we have collaborated on the first UK stage adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews With Hideous Men (Stratford Circus, London 2011). Work Songs is our first physical/dance theatre collaboration.


The Skinny   Three Weeks   Broadway Baby   

‘slyly humorous and physically gung-ho’ Mary Brennan (Herald Glasgow)


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