Day 12 of 26: At the movies

I do a movie reviews podcast, which is being recorded and posted on Tuesday night, so this weekend I’ve had to see two films. Going to the cinema (unnecessary interpolation: I still find it strange saying ‘going to the cinema’ here, I prefer the quainter North Americanism of ‘movie theatre‘ — my dad still says ‘picture house’) during the festival is weird. We went to two films, The Sorceror’s Apprentice with Nic Cage and Argentinian Oscar Winner The Secrets in Their Eyes. I’ll leave the review until the podcast comes out on Tuesday, but suffice it to say, one of these films is better than the other. WHICH ONE??

The Sorceror’s Apprentice was a late show on Saturday, 11 PM. There were only two other people in the entire cinema, which I love. I often secretly revel in the fact that online piracy is killing cinema, because it just means less idiots taking up space in cinemas. My favourite thing in the world is sitting in a completely empty cinema; it’s very luxurious, plus, if it’s a scary movie you can pretend that at any moment the projectionist might turn psycho and try to kill you. (This adds greatly to the experience). But because the festival goes on and on outside the cinema/movie theatre, watching films here is kind of like sealing yourself in a bubble. I thoroughly recommend it if you need to get away.

I was interviewed for someone’s school paper the other day, which was quite nice! After saying I didn’t like young people in my last post, maybe I should say I’m a bit frightened of them, particularly their ambition. We barely had a school paper when I was in high school. If we did, I think it probably had a circulation of 10 and came out yearly, until the teacher supervising the newspaper club ran out of money to buy pizza to bribe students to be in the club with. We certainly didn’t have people interviewing comedians at the world’s largest arts festival.


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