Day 11 of 26: Accidental Flyering

I was waiting for a baked potato the other day when a group of youths came up to the queue. They were waving flyers in our faces and going ‘Hey, come to this show! It’s really good!’ and then giggling to themselves. It transpires, it seems, that they had taken a bunch of flyers for other shows, and were now mocking the flyerers by trying to re-flyer their flyers.

What they didn’t anticipate was when people started taking the flyers, and going ‘Oh, that sounds good, I’ll have to check it out.’ One lady even said ‘are you in the show?’ The stunned boy looked as a deer in headlight does — ready to die. Well, it’s their fault, but I do understand how frustrating it is sometimes when you want to play a stupid, mean joke and all that happens is you end up making someone’s life easier for them. Young people are horrible.

I finally got my potato (or rather, two potatoes, as it was from The Baked Potato Shop), filled with avocado salad (basically a lazy guacamole, as far as I can tell). I had really craved one the entire day. I had forgotten how sick they make you feel afterwards. I think a jacket potato with a veggie filling is a vaguely healthy option, wouldn’t you say? But portion size, Scotland, portion size! A ‘medium’ potato is the size of a Yorkshire Terrier and weighs as much as seven suns. Then they put about 2 kg of grated cheese on it, but it’s this strange cheese that never melts!

Anyways, regardless, I ate the whole thing.


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