Day 7 of 26: Ukuleles and Pianos, boring Fringe life

This morning has been Helen’s ukulele photoshoot, which was objectively fun, but a little bit cacophonous for the sleep deprived. Also, I don’t really know how to play the ukulele so I was kind of a fraud. (I should say though that I really like getting my photo taken, which makes me sound hugely arrogant, but it’s true. I like it so much I tend to walk by CCTV cameras two or three times so they get the best angle.)

Yesterday, I finished the last bit of writing work I had left over before coming up here. It’s quite a relief, as I can finally devote all my energy to the show. It was a good one last night. I came home and back out again to do a super secret part in Saz Campbell’s quite excellent free show, 27-Up. Then back home again to cook a proper meal. Then back out again to see Yianni Agisilaou’s SUPER EXCELLENT show and have some drinks with Gràinne Maguire. Then back home again. The amount I come and go at the moment makes it like the most boring version of Lord of the Rings ever (that was a reference to ‘there and back again’).

My pre-show warm-up now consists of me playing the piano and singing at the top of my lungs in the empty flat. I know about three songs at the moment, but my repertoire is building. I like this. There’s something comforting about warming up before a show that doesn’t really ever happen in stand-up. I never get to play the piano anymore, because I don’t own one in London, so having one in this flat in Edinburgh is a nice treat. I remember once, a friend said she was really jealous of people who played piano (she played violin). I was jealous she played a string instrument because you can take those around with you. She rejoindered that there are always pianos in places, like bars, and cafés, and hotel lobbies, and you can play and a crowd will gather around you. I responded that it (a) wasn’t the 1930s anymore, and (related) (b) that makes you look like a douche. I realise now the truth in what she was saying, this Fringe has most definitely made me want to go to a venue with a piano and show off my rendition of Ryan Adams’ ‘Sweet Illusions.’ Douchebag be damned!

On an unrelated note, I think my show isn’t the only one on the Fringe with Korean rap in it! There’s also Chef.* This makes me nervous that I’ve lost my USP. Still, I’m pretty sure mine is the only one that combines Korean rap with Marxist philosophy. At least in the comedy section.

* I really, really want to see this show. It looks excellent, I’ve heard great things, and I love bibimbap.

Broderick Chow: Easy, Tiger! is on every day except Sundays at 17:10 throughout August, at Surgeon’s Hall, Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW. Box Office 0845 508 8515

Buy Online

Tickets £5 — presented as part of the Five Pound Fringe


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