Day 6 of 26: A review! (of Korean food)

A great show yesterday. My Chinese fan-base is holding strong, it seems. After a bit of a rewrite the previous day the show feels much stronger, more cohesive. There’s a reviewer in today, so hopefully I’m right on that.

In any case, this blog isn’t really supposed to be about assessing this or that performance, but seriously, there’s nothing of interest I did that warrants me writing about. I stayed in the flat all day doing some work I left behind in London, then my show, then went to Grainne’s preview at Blackwell’s bookshop where we did George and Mathilde, then say Jon Richardson (v. good). So in lieu of any interesting stories, here’s a review of Ong Gie, one of two Korean restaurants and the only one that does takeaway.

It’s a tiny place, with six seats. The menu is wonderfully misspelled. I ended up having a bibimbap (rice with veg and other stuff in a stone bowl — although it was takeaway, so it was a plastic bowl, which kind of detracted from it — I was a bit looking forward to having a 3 kilo stone bowl to myself, I could carry it in my rucksack during the festival and use it to tame overzealous flyerers — but I digress). The quality of the ingredients was very good, possibly even better than Arang in Soho, which is my favourite restaurant in the world. I also had a portion of duk bok ki, which is a sort of chewy rice cake, stir fried in a sweet/spicy sauce. There’s still some in the fridge that I had to restrain myself from inhaling in front of the housemates at 9 AM — there’s a time and a place for everything. So the food was good. The atmosphere was that kind of excellent, intimidating style foreign-ness that really gets the Conservatives up in arms; three older women talking loudly (screaming, really) in Korean, a younger girl looking bored, and two bewildered Edinburgh locals looking scared and wondering how to eat anything. I LOVE that. If I ever open a restaurant, it’s going to be called ‘Gago ka!’ (trans: you are an idiot), the menu will consist entirely of sinister descriptions like ‘Chicken and other things with rice’ and it will be staffed entirely by two Filipino Aunties, one who watches soap operas all day and refuses to serve you, and the other who just yells at you to move your feet while she vacuums the floor.

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  1. Stephanie said:

    Hi, I saw your show in Edinburgh a few weeks (well, a week and a bit) ago and I really enjoyed it. Being Chinese myself, I can empathise. I didn’t know there was a Korean place in Edinburgh, otherwise I would have definitely given it a go! Incidentally, Arang is one of my favourite Korean restaurants in London. My favourite dish there is daeji bulgolgi – the spicy pork BBQ… I get cravings for it now that I have moved away from London!

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