Day 4 of 26: Chinese fans, bonnets, squeaking

I had 20 people coming to see the show yesterday, which is decent enough for second preview, still, as I looked over at the queue of people going into the musical next door, my heart couldn’t help but fill with envy. However! Right when I was about to shut the doors, nine Chinese people walked into the venue foyer. They looked like my cousins; they were all neatly attired in black (the default colour that always looks good on us Asians). In a room full of mostly Caucasian faces, I looked at this group, and I thought Yes, you’re definitely here for me. They were. They came up to me (I was greeting people into the show) and asked to have a picture with me, sat near the front, and I hope, enjoyed the show.

It never occurred to me that I might draw a bit of a Chinese crowd, but two shows in, both nights that’s what happened. I like it. This was a group of London-born second generation Chinese (young) people, and the day before was two young Chinese guys with Scottish accents (which, as we’ve established, I think is great). I guess I like it because I’m sort of meeting my own diaspora on the other side of the world.

I went to Gràinne Maguire’s fantastic show We Need To Talk About Bonnets as well, and we revived our old Victorian Mini-Tragedy, ‘George and Mathilde.’ It was very good. Afterwards I went out for drinks, the bar was packed, one of our flatmates was locked out, I got chips with Tom, drew the curtains and went to bed. This morning I woke up to a strange squeaking noise that goes off at periodic intervals of sometimes 40 seconds, sometimes 20. It’s driving me mad. If I have to devote the rest of this festival to finding it, I will be most upset.

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me – British-Chinese comedians are *very* few and far between, so we need to find the nearest equivalent! 🙂

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