Day 3 of 26: First show down, 19 to go.

First show done!

I was quite, quite nervous before the show, in that way where you disguise your dry-heaves as sly ‘coughs.’ But as I greeted the audience into the venue, I realised, this is going to be lovely. It was. If anything, I think they were a bit too forgiving; I haven’t done the show for a couple of weeks and I was a bit tense and awkward. Also, I’m still worried if an Edinburgh festival audience will tolerate my reading dense passages from Marx, without irony, in the middle of a comedy show. It seems they will. That said, it was always my intention that this show should take its subject seriously, and that’s what I’m sticking too.

Although, let us see, because it may be that week three finds me appending ‘that’s what she said!’ to every quotation.

I had a slight hiccup in my show that virtually no one noticed, when instead of ‘here’s a quotation’ I said (gasp) ‘here’s a quote.’ Yeah, reader, if you didn’t notice this hiccup, then no one in the audience did. ‘Quote’ used incorrectly for ‘quotation’ is a HUGE grammatical pet peeve of mine. To me, it’s like a racial slur.

After the show I cycled home, ate a truly obscene amount of pasta, watched Futurama for a few hours then went off to do Sarah Bennetto’s lovely Storyteller’s Club at the Pleasance Ark. The Ark is um, an Ark, in the middle of the courtyard, and it was fantastic. It had rained that evening, so water was dripping from the ceiling and collecting in buckets. Just as if we were at sea. Also, it’s the main hub of the courtyard’s electricity, so periodically the lights would dim down, whenever somebody, say, put the kettle on or plugged their phone in to charge. I realise that I’ve painted a rather bleak picture of deprivation and squalor, but trust me, the ark is one of the best venues I’ve been to in Edinburgh.


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