Day 2 of 26: More bikes, and a search for cables

My first show is today. Yesterday was spent in a desperate search for a particular cable, which, although necessary, makes for an underwhelming story. Basically I spent nearly three hours riding Samwise around Edinburgh, popping into various music and electronics stores, only to be told ‘Sorry, that guy walking out got the last one.’ I had to resist tackling one in the street and riding off with his Maplin bag like some kind of HiFi aficionado hoodlum.

Riding around Edinburgh has made me hate London just a little bit. Bar the hills (which I’m used to anyway) the city is a cyclist’s dream. Drivers seem generally respectful. But oh! the PARKING. There are places to lock your bike up everywhere. This is something that needs to be better about London. While I really do hope the new cycle scheme takes off, it’s no good introducing thousands more bikes onto the streets when you don’t have the provision for the millions already on them.

I realise this blog is quite dull, as I’ve really just talked about cycling and buying cables. This will change in the next few days as the show gets under way, I hope. I had my technical rehearsal last night, which was fairly uneventful. After setting the lights and sound, they left me to ‘rehearse.’ I twiddled my thumbs for a bit, then ran through my show. I have never had the misfortune of running through 45 minutes of stand-up in an empty room, but it is one step closer to madness than I’m comfortable taking. I thought it was interesting how grateful the technicians were to see a stand-up, though. My requirements are simple: just a mic, and some lights. ‘OH THANK GOD,’ my venue manager said, ‘that means I don’t have to do anything.’ I’m not sure you can express that level of gratitude for not having to do any work in other professions, viz. ‘I’m afraid his cancer is too advanced, and inoperable.’ ‘OH THANK GOD,’ cries the surgeon.


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